Monthly Archives: August 2008

Playa prep, Fire safety training and putting roots down.

As part of our prep for the playa Flaming Lotus Girls run a fire safety class for members of the group who have not taken part in installing a fire art piece before.  There are different fuel effects on Mutopia and FLG should be aware of what they are and how to deal with them, just in case.  It is really good practice to know what it feels like to set off an extinguisher, to actually put out a fire.  It isn’t a big one but it is enough to get the feel for it.

Dealing with how best to deal with a flaming human is all part of the class and it is important when there are so many people out there on the playa dressed in fake fur who will climb and try to grab, hot flaming metal pieces of art.  It is amazing that some people leave behind their senses behind.  Fire is hot and metal gets hot around fire and should not be grabbed.  It seems simple and clear really.  We have to be on guard while on shift.  The FLG fire safety crew will be constantly keeping an eye on everyone at the installation while making sure they enjoy it at the same time.  We are working when we are at the piece, not just standing round looking cute.  It is pretty fun work though.

The finished root sections are looking amazing in the sunshine at the workshop.  The LED’s are almost mounted on the underside.  The heads for the biggest pods are growing out from their paper designs into huge metal forms on the tables at the shop.

There is some exciting construction going on.  Mutopia is evolving as we build it.