The Flaming Lotus Girls (FLG) are a female driven group of artists who formed in 2000 to create our first sculpture: The Flaming Lotus, from which we take our name. For the past eight years we have grown and thrived creating installations for Burning Man and exhibitions for events around the Western US, Europe, and Australia. Events include the Power Tool Drag Races (June 2004, 2006), Fire Arts Exposition: Art on Fire, Fire Arts Festival at the Crucible in Oakland, Festival of Lights in Sausalito (Dec 2004, 2005), Robodock in Amsterdam (Sept 2005, 2007) and the Big Day Out in Australia (Jan 2007). Every year the FLG create new pieces, adding to our collective metalworking talents while acquiring new fire arts fabrication skills.

The FLG uses a Radical Collaboration Model working in an egalitarian fashion. FLGs who regularly attend meetings contribute ideas in an open and supportive culture promoting volunteer contributions and leadership opportunities. All creative decisions are made collaboratively. Ladies (and gentlemen) can join the FLG with no prior skill. Women and men are invited to collaborate with the FLG helping design, build, operate, and play with all aspects of our projects. We teach fabrication techniques to new members and help active members to refine techniques to further develop their own art and leadership skills.

With over 100 volunteers who worked on the Serpent Mother project our artists include experienced metalworkers, engineers, graphic designers and pyrotechnicians, as well as novice artists who learn new skills in metal sculpture including machine shop operations, soldering, gas plumbing, electronics, welding, and the design of fire effects. We meet every Wednesday night at the Box Shop in San Francisco to discuss current and future projects.

Flaming Lotus Girls Are:

Aimee Eade, Aerin Heinemeyer, Aly Hein, Angela Knowles, Anne Geluardi, Amy Tse, Ariel & Jon Spear, Baba Frey, B’anna Federico, Black Rock FX, Brandi Hugo, Brent Coons, Carly Perez, Caroline Miller, Carson Best, Catherine Lynch, Cecelia Camenga, Charles J. Gallagher, Charlie Gadeken, Charlotte Sanford, Chelsea Griffie, Cheryl Fralick, Christie Dudley, Christine Shepherd, Colinne Hemrich, Cory Drazkowski, Dan DasMann, Dan Ramsauer, Dave Best, Dave X, David Ellsworth, Eric Stahl, Eric Smith, Gaspo, Geoff Leland, Gole Mawaz-Khan, Hazmatt Snyder, India Farrier, Indira Allfree, Jack Schroll, Jacqulynn Schmitz, Jake Lyall, James Stauffer, Jeff Henise, Jen Clemente, Jeremy Travis , Jessica Bruder, Jessica Hickok, Jessica Hobbs, Jill Manthei, Jim Mason, Jim Powell, Joe Romano, John DeVenezia, John Wilson, Jonathan Foote, Jordana Joseph, Josh Hunter, Judy A. Castro, Julie Ramsey, Karen Cusolito, Karen Tarapata, Karl Seifert, Kezia Zichichi, Kiki Pettit, Kirsten Henricksen, KittyVortex, Lani, Laura Kimpton, Lauren Noel, Lee Chubb, Lee Sonko, Les Young, Liam McNamara, Lynn Bryant, Mario Occipinti, Mark Farrier, Marlies Tallman, Mary Newsom, Matt Cline, Michael & Lorelei, Michael Curry, Michael Prados, Michelle Palmer, Micro, Moira Mcnamara, Naemi Frey, Nick, Nicola Ginzler, Olivia Sawi, Olivier Bonin, Oona Squire, P. Robert “Rigger” Kilpatrick, Paul Walker, Paul Waschka, Phil Keiser, Phil Spitler, Pouneh Mortazavi, Ray Sykes, Rebecca Hotmetal Anders, Rich Humphrey, Rosa Anna DeFilippis, Sara Peyrot, Scott Cotner, Scott Sparky Bartlett, Shannon, Sharon Burke, Shawna Shandrick, Simone Davalos, Simone Sigrid Marticke, Stella Rubenstein, Steve Monahan, Steve Nelson, Steven T. Jones, Sue Duesberg, Suzun Hughes, Suzanna Stinnett, Tad Rollow, Tamara Li, Tasha Berg, Tony Fifield, Tori Tait, Tuna, Vanessa Montiel, Wendy Blackburn, Will Flare Bartlett, Xanat, Yasmin Mawaz-Khan, and many other girls who have made flowers, ground metal, welded steel, and ignited flames.